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Safety Issues of School Bus Rides and Their Solutions

  “Be sensible, be safe” School buses are among the safest form of school transportation. The credit of school bus safety goes to the numerous safety measures connected with them. From our environment to traffic blocks, school buses tackle a number of issues. They are at service on every working day of school without disappointing
  • 22 Jan, 2017
  • admin
  • GPS, RFID, School Bus, school bus safety, School Bus Tracking system,
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School Bus Tracking : An Effective Way To Tackle Safety Concerns

  Anything is possible with advancing technology in this era, that too within a short period of time itself. Geo Positioning System or GPS, is one such technology, which is very effective, in case you want to track locations. The school bus tracking software was born out of the very same idea, with the motive
  • 28 Nov, 2014
  • admin
  • School bus tracking, school bus tracking software, School Bus Tracking system,
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