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Highly Secure RFID Hackproof Protocols Coming Soon

Problems related to RFID tag that help in identification of mobile phones, credit cards etc. will be soon solved. New RFID protocols with improved safety features are designed and tested by researchers in Singapore. Li Yingjiu, Associate Professor of Singapore Management University, claimed that even a small flaw in RFID application can leak out essential
  • 5 Jan, 2017
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  • Future of RFID, RFID tags,
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How can RFID Technology Help Library Management

  "RFID is increasing in popularity among libraries, as the early adopters of this technology have shown that, it makes good economic sense, both for large and small libraries"   As you are familiar with, RFID technology is revolutionizing schools all over the world.Earlier, managing libraries would have been a complex task for you. But
  • 7 Jun, 2016
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  • Future of RFID, RFID, RFID Technology,
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