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Common Risks in Fleet Management


School bus fleet management is an important part of the functioning of a school, just like its other aspects. Most schools have a fleet manager to take care of the school bus fleet. He also plans and assigns school bus routes. Though the job sounds easy, it really isn’t. There are many risks that come along with it, landing the fleet managers and school authorities in deep trouble. Here is a list of such risks that accompany fleet management:

  • Huge financial loss in case the school buses are prone to any kind of crash or any other damage. Same appears to be the case when there is a mechanical failure or if school buses are stolen
  • Paying for worker’s compensation claims if the driver is injures
  • School having to face the court if any other person is injured
  • Risk of school’s reputation stooping low, with claims of mismanagement of school bus fleet and not attending to school bus safety
  • Risk of losing money due to improper behaviour of the driver

What can be done?

There are a few steps that can be taken to escape the risks related to school bus fleet management. Those who manage the school bus fleet must give attention to every set of risk related to every school bus and take proper measures to manage them.

But how to do that remains a question.

You have to integrate technology to your school bus fleet management to manage these risks to the maximum. The best solution is School Bus Tracking Software.

Integrated with GPS technology, the School Bus Tracking Software provides you with a whole lot of advantages.

Majority of schools have to incur financial loss due to unsafe driving practices. With the help of School Bus Tracking Software, you can track the performance of school bus drivers. The software can keep you informed about instances of over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc., apart from the location of the school bus.

Sometimes, drivers may misuse school buses for unnecessary driving. Since School Bus Tracking Software has GPS integrated to it, you can easily track the school bus location and avoid such circumstances.

In case of a vehicle breakdown, you can get notified at the earliest with the help of the software. This can help you to provide assistance within a short amount of time.

With the School Bus Tracking Software, you can easily generate reports on fuel consumption and the sort, helping you cut down additional costs. In case a parent complaints against a school bus driver, you will have to question the driver about the same and then, you will be confused about whose word you should actually believe. The reports generated can come to your aid at that moment. You can easily find the truth behind the complaint and take actions if necessary.

As a person assigned to manage the school bus fleet, it is necessary for you to manage the school bus fleet efficiently. For that, you must try and use all technologies available to your advantage. This can help you deal with all risks related to school bus fleet management.

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Common Risks in Fleet Management
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